Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My groovy update 20/02/14 - 26/02/14

This week has been a quiet week for us. I think I needed a calmer week after last weeks fun, so for me I have spent most of my week baking, working on the blog and doing things with the kids.

On Saturday it was the last part of Faith's birthday celebrations with a party at a local soft play centre for Faith and 9 of her friends. Only five friends actually came which was a shame although it didn't seem to bother Faith as she had a brilliant time.

Weight watchers is still not joined thanks to my hubby who has a habit of putting things off. He thinks it will be better to wait until after the weekend as I will be taking Lauren into London for her day of treats and visit to Wicked that I organised for her 16th birthday in January. I can see where he is coming form but at the same time I think that there will always be something to stop me from joining so I am determined to join up next Thursday no matter what he says!

Kate over at Kate on thin ice has set us another challenge, well three actually, but I am choosing to do the poem about myself. (Please be kind on my attempts at poetry!) This is an adaption of a poem that I wrote a very long time ago.

A poem about me.

Sometimes I hate me,
I just can't see one good quality,
But slowly that is improving,
Step by step I am getting my groove on!

I'm proud to be a good mum to my three wonderful girls,
 And I know that I'm raising them right,
Each time I look in their eyes,
 And see them smile as I kiss them goodnight.

I look after my family in a kind and caring way,
I always have time for them no matter how busy my day.
I always listen and I never judge,
I always try to remain true to myself.

I'm an honest person, I hate lies,
I'm quietly confident, but people think that I'm shy.
Life is full of laughter, I love to have fun,
I see the glass half full, I'm the positive one.

I try my hardest each and every day,
to keep moving and improving in every single way,
Deep down I know I owe it to myself,
So no matter what, I'll never give up.


  1. Well done on the poem challenge front. Quietly confident rather than shy is interesting. Get that Weightwatchers thing joined at the right time for YOU. Enjoy Wicked - envious on that one

    1. Thanks Kate :-) Yeah I am really looking forward to seeing Wicked