Advertising and reviews

Brands I have worked with.

Here is a list of the brands that I have worked with so far in 2014.
* Morrisons #Morrisonsmum
* Shoplet Stationary
* My Pure Organic make-up 
* Asda Easter goodies
* Reading eggs Service review 
* AGA food hall review
* Harper Collins Children's book 1 and 2
* Britmums/Barney bear Cakes 
* CanvasDesign Canvas print
* Tots100/H&A Bubble bath 

I am happy to have a few adverts in my side bar although they need to relate to my blog as I do not want my blog to be one of those sites that has more advertising then actual content. If you are interested in advertising on 'mum on a mission for a better life' then please contact me via e-mail at and I will be happy to answer any questions or send you my media pack.
This is something that I am much more interested in and I am happy to review your product or attend your venue as in theme parks, festivals, museums etc. with my family and review them. However, please be aware that I will not give a good review just because you asked me to or because you sent me a product for free. Part of being a good writer and maintaining a good following is being totally honest so if I review a day out, a product or an event I will be giving my honest opinion. That's not to say that I would deliberately criticise something for no reason, but I believe that staying true to my morals and giving my honest opinion is the best way to go, so that is what I intend to do. If you are happy for an honest opinion and you would like me to review your product, day out or service then please contact me at and I will be happy to discuss things further and answer any questions that you may have. In terms of days out and events please be aware that I am based in Ipswich in the east of England but I am happy to travel further afield if travel costs are provided.
Anything else.
Being new to the world of blogging I have an open mind and I am happy to discuss and consider anything else that you may like to approach me with. Please e-mail at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that my policy is to use no follow links to keep in line with Google's regulations.

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